Tired of slow progress? We got you!

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Posted 3 years ago Edited


Our team has carefully tweaked drop chance, experience, and other currency rates to maximize your satisfaction. No more endless grinding! Here’s an improved rate list so you would understand what we are babbling about:

  • Experience: 8x

  • Uncommon Items: 4x

  • Rare items: 3x

  • Epic items: 2x

  • Heroic Dungeons: 1 5 Emblems of Triumph upon completion


A big battle is brewing and to get ready for it, we have secured a pretty sweet deal. For a limited time, an Emblem of Triumph vendors in Dalaran City will offer additional items. Gear up for Icecrown Citadel raid!


Want to get a head start? Join us for the opening and make use of a double XP event, which you will also randomly encounter on future adventures.

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