What are we?

Menethil is a cross-faction realm where we want to improve the experience of World of Warcraft's most popular expansion and patch release: Wrath of the King King (3.3.5) in various ways through many quality-of-life changes, including game design changes if deemed reasonable. To name one minor example of this, The Tribunal of Ages event in 5-Player dungeon Halls of Stone has been redesigned to have a much faster pace.

Many changes have been the result of feedback and suggestions from the founding community thus far, and we believe that there's always room for improvement in all areas of the game. Such changes will be ongoing as time goes on. We read every piece of constructive feedback and suggestion posted on all platforms.

Our team is in constant communication with the community with no imaginary barriers between them. Each player on Menethil has the ability to contribute in shaping the realm into what they want it to be. The bugtracker will never be ignored, and no reports go unacknowledged.

You cannot purchase combat gear, achievements, titles or prestigious mounts on our donation or voting store, with the exception of heirloom items for leveling. Should you wish to contribute to server costs, you'll be rewarded cosmetically or with a level 80 character boost, bypassing the leveling process.

Realm Information

  • Current Raid Tier: Icecrown Citadel
  • Current Season: Season 1, Wrathful
  • Experience Rate: 8x
  • Professions Rate: 4x
  • Reputation Rate: 2x
  • Honor Point Rate: 2x
  • Arena Point Rate: 2x
  • New Mounts brought into game
  • Custom seasonal events
  • Cross-Faction enabled
  • Character Services
  • Double XP Weekends
  • Custom Anti-Cheat
  • Weekly Lotteries

Quality of Life Changes

  • You have access to all flight paths upon character creation.
  • Your riding skill up to and including Expert Riding is free.
  • Class abilities, even those that are normally obtained through low-level quest chains, are automatically learned to you when you level.
  • Rare monsters in the world offer a significant amount of experience.
  • Auction house is stacked with low-level uncommon and rare items with reduced purchasing costs for leveling.
  • Flying mounts can be ridden anywhere in the world. Flight ability and speed change depending on location. Similar to the Cataclysm update.

Latest News

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  • Fix Shadowform cooldown sometimes getting stuck
  • Improved spell explicit target fallback selection for unit targets when spell target comes from client
  • Don't modify item charges in all slots on a single item spell cast
  • allow players to absorb fire damage from environmental damage spell effects
  • Implement visual aura duration of Rogue talents Overkill and Master of Subtlety
  • Immune a reflected spell if the original caster cannot be it's target
  • Kill incorrect attribute implementation


  • Add properly required fishing skill for Zul'Gurub area


  • Update two Argent Tournament Grounds guards
  • Add few more missing Library Guardians
  • Remove stun immunity from Captain Balinda Stonehearth and Captain Galvangar
  • Update Kialon Nightblade
  • Elder Torntusk
  • allow Chaotic Rift targeted with mouse
  • Add one more Crystalline Ice Giant in Dragonblight
  • Update gossip text for Darnassus Sentinel for Mage & Paladin directions
  • Remove stun immunity from Captain Balinda Stonehearth and Captain Galvangar
  • Few updates to Duggan Wildhammer
  • UK Proto-Drake Handler shoud cast Unholy Rage on Enslaved Proto-Drake
  • Proto-Drake Whelp must fly
  • Fix Wild Turkey respawn time
  • Add SAI to some Obsidian Sanctum creatures
  • Update Honor Hold Archer
  • Quartermaster Vaskess shoud repair


  • Add missing spawn groups for Operation: Gnomeregan
  • Update spawns for Operation: Gnomeregan


  • The quest "Lazy Peons" is missing reward next quest
  • "The Shattered Salute" missing Completion Text
  • Quests in Tranquillien
  • Breadcrumb quests in Ghostlands
  • "Runewarden Deryan" missing PrevQuest
  • Fix wrong uppercase in class name
  • "Roadside Ambush" breadcrumb
  • What Argus Means to Me
  • "Artifacts of the Blacksilt"
  • The Purification of Quel'Delar
  • Lost Thunderbrew Recipe
  • The Purification of Quel'Delar
  • The Bloodsail Buccaneers
  • Dr. Terrible's "Building a Better Flesh Giant"
  • A Spirit Ally
  • add missing text to "The Hero of the Day"
  • Quest: Free at Last fixes
  • The Brothers Bronzebeard must have The Master Explorer
  • Cleansing the Scar fixes
  • make Blessing of Zim'Torga / Zim'Rhuk to be repeatable quests


  • Gest's gossip text
  • Ambassador Dawnsinger's gossip text
  • Magister Sylastor is missing gossip menu and text
  • Arcanist Vandril's gossip text
  • Advisor Valwyn's gossip text
  • Deathstalker Maltendis's gossip text
  • Dame Auriferous's gossip text
  • Captain Helios's gossip text
  • Farstrider Solanna's gossip text
  • Ranger Valanna's gossip text
  • Ranger Lethvalin's gossip text
  • Magister Duskwither gossip text
  • Vindicator Kuros gossip text
  • Aqueous gossip text
  • Missing Gossip Menu Option for Jessera of Mac'Aree
  • Vindicator Boros gossip text
  • High Chief Stillpine is missing gossip menu text
  • Vindicator Aesom gossip text
  • Missing Gossip Menu Option for Galaen's Journal
  • Defender Adrielle gossip text


  • Durotar, corrected quest text
  • Durotar, missing and corrected quest emotes
  • The quest "Rite of Strength" is missing reward next quest
  • Mulgore, corrected quest text
  • Mulgore, missing and corrected quest emotes
  • Missing Completion Text for quest "Escape from the Catacombs"
  • Ghostlands, missing and corrected quest emotes
  • Eversong Woods, missing and corrected quest emotes
  • Bloodmyst Isle, missing and corrected quest emotes
  • Bloodmyst Isle, missing quest text
  • Death knight starting zone, missing and corrected quest emotes
  • Azuremyst Isle, missing and corrected quest emotes
  • Additional touches for the quest Lady Of Da Tigers


  • Added spawns for quest Zalazane's Fall


  • Fix warlocks pet character selection screen and Soul Shard return reagent logout exploit


  • Fixed incorrect Warrior Block Value calculations


  • Do not apply Deserter debuff to players teleported from the battleground by gm command or teleporation services in website


  • King Varian Wrynn outro for "Where Kings Walk"
  • Daedal outro for quest "An Alternative Alternative"
  • Tavara's Script during "Help Tavara"
  • Anchorite Fateema outro for "Medicinal Purpose"
  • Bodley and Pieces of Lord Valthalak's Amulet


  • Auras that change the rate of energy regeneration should have an effect on client prediction
  • Adjusting the amount of rage and runic power lost over time
  • Improvements for talent reset logic

Blackrock Depths

  • Replace player spells used by High Interrogator Gerstahn with correct ones for that creature


  • Removed Honorable Defender from Alterac Valley


  • King Varian Wrynn gossip menu text
  • Fixed wrong Eye of Dominion condition questid for quest Stunning View


  • Corrected brazier of madness boss despawn time
  • Fixed Edge of Madness


  • Implemented Elwynn Lamb minipet feature

Sunken Temple

  • fix Shade of Eranikus and Jammal'an the Prophet


  • Dash (Druids) shoud only be usable in cat form

Bloodmyst Isle

  • Add missing Legoso Talk target


  • Update home position on vehicle exit only if the creature was inside a vehicle


  • Implement different timezone support for ingame calendar


  • Wanted: "Hogger" shoud be taken from both wanted posters


  • Fixed Conflagrate direct damage not benefitting from talents that increase its damage and DoT benefitting twice from damage done mods


  • Check bank for unique loot items when determining loot roll eligibility


  • Registering a new owned aura will now search existing owned auras instead of applied auras to check for unstackable one

Happy new year to everyone from Wrath+ Team!


  • Fixed targeting of Koralon's Burning Breath


  • Fixed targeting of Koralon's Burning Breath, it should just free spin instead of following a player


  • Fixed crash happening if a vehicle despawns during handling of control vehicle aura removal


  • Rectified spawn height for Jol.
  • Corrected behavior of Ymirjar Skycaller mounted on Iceborn Proto-Drake.
  • Adjusted walk speed for Gordok Mage-Lord.
  • Implemented random movement for Thelsamar Mountaineers.
  • Updated template values for Stabled Kurenai Panther and Stabled Kurenai Lion in Telaar.
  • Made various updates in Westwind Refugee Camp and Dire Maul north.
  • Added Scourgelord Tyrannus mount rider at the entrance of the Pit of Saron.
  • Included missing aura for Avenging Spirit ghosts in Utgarde Pinnacle.
  • Updated factions: Argent Crusader and Knight of the Ebon Blade.
  • Removed incorrect SAI from Val'kyr Battle-maiden.
  • Rectified gold values for certain creatures.
  • Designated Peon Gakra as an innkeeper.
  • Fixed position for Shattrath Saul.
  • Adjusted reputation gains from Zorbo the Advisor.
  • Updated spawn coordinates for Prince Tortheldrin.


  • Mirror client logic when determining whether to apply feral attack power bonuses or not.


  • Fix inactive reward quests on faction change


  • Added two missing mailboxes in Moonglade Nighthaven.
  • Fixed traps not being able to trigger for friendly targets.


  • Update Gruul's Lair min level requirement.
  • Fix graveyard for Shadowfang Keep.
  • Fix application of spell Surge of Adrenaline (Icehowl).
  • Sons of Hodir reputation reward rate has been adjusted.
  • Damage mod for Heirloom 2H weapons has been adjusted.
  • Add Design: Infused Twilight Opal for Anub'arak in the Azjol-Nerub Heroic mode.


  • Add Essence of Wintergrasp to missing zones.
  • Add Essence of Wintergrasp to Frozen Halls and ToC5.


  • Fix spell ID of Essence of Wintergrasp for instances.


  • Prevent rerolling gathering skillups until success when mining or gathering herbs
  • Resurrection after raise ally
  • Fixed block mechanics


  • Correctly update the stats of the members of each team when the week ends and the arena points are distributed.


  • Yojamba Isle Zealot cosmetic event
  • Decrease restock time for Formula: Runed Adamantite Rod
  • Defias Evoker Waipoints
  • Alliance Log Ride , Horde Log Ride in the GrizzlyHills
  • Few updates to Felmyst
  • Fix a db error
  • Update for Coldarra
  • Missing Silvermoon Guardians and missing pathing
  • Ziggurat Defenders of Death's Stand
  • Ghostlands Suncrown Village and Isle of Tribulations respawn
  • Respawn Arcane Reavers at Dawnstar Spire
  • Falconwing Square SAI update


  • Prevent end Arena when a dead player logs out


  • Improvements to  Zort's Protective Elixir


  •  possible guild exploit fixed


  • Adjust vertical "Say" distance


  • Update all flying creature movements to DisableGravity
  • Update gold drop for some creatures
  • Correct respawn time for Tethis and King Bangalash
  • Add loot for some creatures
  • Solanin scripting fix "Eversong woods"
  • Pathing for Razorspine


  • Wrong Nightmare Vine spawn in Shadowmoon Valley

Creature AI

  • Add missing text line to Ango'rosh Ogre
  • Bleeding Hollow Worg


  • Update some spells cooldown values


  • Updated traps to fix the invisibility issue
  • Fix position and rotation of some signs


  • Hand of Sacrifice can't be casted on targets with Divine Sacrifice


  • Nature's Grasp proc
  • Killing Machine proc correction


  • Add missing spawns to Ironforge Airfield
  • Add missing spawn to Aldur'thar: The Desolation Gate


  • Add missing OfferRewardText for some quests
  • The Ice Guard & The Shadow Guard
  • Rescue at Sea add missing SAI and text
  • I'm Smelting... Smelting!
  • Villains of Darrowshire
  • The Missing Diplomat
  • Trial and Error
  • Cleansing the Waters


  • Skeletal Runesmith
  • Ulduar: General Vezax 25 and Yogg-Saron 25 should drop Fragment of Val'anyr
  • Ulduar - Freya: Freya's Gift (2 Elder): Fix wrong id for loot of Fragment of Val'anyr
  • Ulduar - Hodir: Rare Cache of Winter: Fix wrong id for loot of Fragment of Val'anyr


  • Refactor Last Rites
  • Improved script for Abduction
  • Help Those That Cannot Help Themselves improvements