Download Launcher or Patch Files

Down below we provide our custom patch that is lightweight, and contains game patches. Simply drop its contents into main World of Warcraft Directory, and start the game!

  • Step 1: Download the patch that's provided below
  • Step 2: Extract the patch contents into your World of Warcraft folder
  • Step 3: Launch the game, and log in using your account name and password!

If you have troubles logging in or trying out the game for the first time, please follow this tutorial to get you into game in no time!

Download World of Warcraft

If you don't have a client already, no worries, we got you covered!
To download a client, please follow the instructions below:

  • Download the game using one of the links: Magnet Link or Torrent File
  • Once the download is complete, please follow instructions on your left!

If you can't open Magnet Links or Torrent Files, it probably means you don't have a Torrent application installed. You can download and use one of the mentioned below: